2014 Eugene Wedding and Engagement Special!

It’s that time of year! 2014 Brides are kicking it into high gear and booking their wedding photographers left and right. I have already filled 3/4 of my available weekends with super awesome amazing couples from all over Eugene, Springfield, Spokane and various other unique Pacific Northwest wedding venues.

Engagement 2014 Wedding Photographer Eugene

I just wanted to put up this post to remind all of you who are getting married in March or April that I offer wedding photography discounts for last minute weddings. Just because you are getting down to the wire doesn’t mean you have to pay a premium price for amazing wedding photos. By booking last minute you can save upwards of 50% off of my packages.

How do I offer such a great rate? It’s easy! By booking in the 11th hour you are saving me time and my time is valuable. Standard -year in advance- brides require an initial consult, a contract signing consult, an engagement session, engagement print consult, time spent creating custom photo invitations, guest books, photo place markers, etc. I LOVE doing these things, but if you save me 20 hours of time by not doing these things it will obviously be reflected in my pricing.

Are you afraid you can’t afford an awesome photographer on your budget? Give me a call or shoot me a message. It never hurts to ask and you may be pleasantly surprised at the result!

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