Diving in Maui – Sea Turtles and Underwater Photography

Aloha, Lacey is unavailable this week, please leave a message after the beep…*Beep*

I’m just teasing, but those of you who know how hard it is for me to put down my editing tablet and take a break will be delighted to know that I have been on vacation in Maui this week and have really been taking a load off. I wish I were here to shoot a Hawaiian sunset wedding because I really do love destination weddings, but instead I’m being forced to relax and be a tourist.

I just wanted to drop by and share a photo from my latest adventure. I got to dive with sea turtles! We went out with Lahaina Divers and dove at Mala Wharf. It was absolutely stunningly beautiful. I foresee an underwater camera in my future. For now though Nate and I are sharing a little point and shoot, but it really gets the job done! (Props to Nate for taking this fantastic photo) I’ll have tons more to share upon my return to Eugene. Until then you can follow the adventure via Lacey LaDuke Photography’s Facebook page!

Scuba diving with green sea turtles on mala wharf in maui


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