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There is something incredibly rewarding about instant film. It’s somewhere between the actual instant gratification of digital and the excitement of shooting a roll of film and waiting for the negatives to come back. Waiting for the photo to magically develop right in front of you is a fun indulgence that the next generation may not understand. I was so excited to find a Polaroid Land Camera 330 and a Polaroid Land Camera 210 recently for less than $15. After some, well, a lot, of elbow grease cleaning up exploded Polaroid batteries (vinegar works great!) and then tracking down the awkward 3v batteries here I was ready to buy film and start shooting! For the Polaroid “pack film” style land cameras you have two main options. For these photos I used Fuji Film FP-100c. You can buy it online or at your local photo shop. The black and white option of this film, FP-3000B has sadly been discontinued but you can still buy it online, for now.

On Saturday I headed out to the Oregon coast with some friends to enjoy the wonderful weather. I brought my Petri FT EE rangefinder camera to run a roll of film though it, the Kodak Signet and the Polaroid 330. (As well as the Canon 5D mk3). Needless to say I had a ton of fun on the beach. We went to Heceta Head Lighthouse and then drove north to the historic waterfront of Newport, OR for some chowder and then over the hill to Corvallis and home. I managed to snap a few good photos with the Polaroid but they sure are hard to hold on to! When someone sees you peeling apart the photo it seems like they instantly want to take it home with them! Here are two of the favorite shots that came home with me.

Newport Oregon Boats Polaroid Land FP100cHeceta Head Polaroid Land FP100cIf you haven’t liked me on Facebook yet do so to see my latest work, I just started an album for my film escapades! I’m excited to send out some Polaroid shots with my next round of filmporvida cards. If you didn’t catch my last post about that you can see it here.

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