A Generation of Lost Memories

Your family’s precious memories are in danger. It’s happening right now, but there is something that you can do about it. With the widespread availability of digital cameras people are taking more pictures than ever, but what happens once they are taken? Most of them stay on the camera where a few are deleted here and there to make room for the next event. That or they go onto your hard drive where you say, “Oh, I’ll fix the red eye and crop those soon.” And then they are forgotten when the next big holiday or event happens. Quite a few of us make the transition from camera to editing program to Facebook, Flickr or email, but even then how secure are your memories?

Memory cards and hard drives fail, sometimes computers have to be reset to their factory settings losing the hundreds of pictures that you were going to get around to posting ‘eventually’. If you delete a social networking page all of the images go with it. It’s just too risky to not back up your images in a manner that is tangible and never crashes. Plus, who actually has to time go back and look fondly at the cute pictures that you posted on your Facebook wall 2 years ago? It’s just not a convenient medium for archiving.

The photographer as a child.

Because you never know what will be important 20 years later.

Right now a whole generation (and potentially all generations to come) is going to grow up without a family album. Think of the nostalgic feelings you get when you open an old shoe box filled with images and sort through them. Even the most mundane images spark fond memories. A day at the lake, the Christmas morning that you didn’t get that pony, little league games, picking fruit with your parents; these are all things that are more vividly remembered when you have that 4×6 in your hand. I’m not saying you need to print every picture you take of yourself in a bathroom mirror, but if it is a momentous occasion it would be silly to not make a print for your family album.

Only backing up your images online is just silly, give your kids something to look back on that they can hold in their hands and feel. It’s hard to get excited about a digital image on a computer screen, but the magic of prints never gets old. Whether it be ordering prints from your photo session with your favorite photographer or just getting some 4×6 prints of a day at the pumpkin patch it is our responsibility to preserve these memories rather than letting them get lost in the digital void. Give your empty shoe boxes a reason to feel good again, get printing!