How to Look Good in Race Photos – Eugene Marathon 2013 Edition

Yesterday was the 2013 Eugene Marathon and LaDuke Photography had the awesome opportunity to shoot the start of the race from a boom lift over Agate Street as well as having exclusive access to the finish line in Hayward Field. It was truly inspiring to see everyone running through the streets of Eugene. Runners are some dedicated and sometimes crazy folk! The sense of community was also touching, so many finishers ended the race with their hands over their hearts as a show of support for victims of the attack on the Boston Marathon. I couldn’t help but get choked up a couple of times.

In photographing 8900 dedicated souls crossing the marathon finish line I learned a thing or two about what is going to make for the best finish photos, and I feel like the photo says plenty, but I have also included a few pointers below.

  • Enthusiasm is EVERYTHING! It is my job to capture everyone who crosses the line, but if you are looking at your watch you get one or two quick snaps. People with a big smile who are celebrating their achievements are like magnets and get many more photos.
  • Emotion of any sort will be gravitated to by photographers.
  • Unique outfits – Did you know The Devil is a Red Sox fan?
  • Also, kudos to the guys who had the energy to do push ups at the finish line after the run!

Smiling faces and big emotional moments are what we love to photograph and what will REALLY look great on your desk to motivate you for the next big race.

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