Northern Lights over Eugene, OR

LaDuke PhotographyWe had a rare treat last night, the Aurora Borealis made an appearance over Eugene. Very few people have ever had the chance to capture images of the northern lights over the Willamette Valley so when we saw the solar storm peaking on Soft Serve News we grabbed our jackets and headed for high ground. If you would like the opportunity to view the northern lights in Eugene all you need to do is watch that KP Number and if it hits 7 head somewhere that is dark and has an unobstructed view of the northern night sky. This far south is usually presents as a dull green glow on the horizon, but with any decent camera you can take a long exposure and capture the dancing light streaks and reds and purples that are much harder to see with the naked eye. For more tips on viewing the aurora borealis check out these tips from the Space Weather Prediction Center. A HUGE thank you to KEZI 9 for featuring our photos tonight as well!

Eugene Aurora LaDuke Photo WM

Eugene Aurora Nate Spencer Butte WM

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