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LaDuke PhotographyLately I’ve been spending more and more time and energy on my collection of old film cameras. I have been lucky enough to grow my collection to about 30 cameras which I have been running film through at a crazy rate. This led me to seek out other film photography enthusiasts.  One of the first things that I ran across was a program called “Film Por Vida” which is a print exchange program where you slap a stamp on one of your prints and send it out to a friend or total stranger. (See the link below for more on Film Por Vida, including a link to the mailing list). I’ve already received 2 post cards. One from my friend Moni who has set up her own Print Exchange Program HERE and another from a complete stranger who must have found me on the mailing list. If you want to exchange prints you can use the contact form below to send me your address! I’ve sent out about a dozen and I can’t wait to send more!

PEP - FilmPorVida - Postcard Print Exchange LaDuke PEP - FilmPorVida - Postcard Print Exchange LaDuke Back Visit the Film Por Vida Site

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