Rachelle’s Mirabeau Park Maternity Session

Maternity photography is a fun chance to capture a unique experience, but that hasn’t always been en vogue. I think there is only one photo of my mother pregnant with me and it’s at her baby shower. She thinks I’m crazy every time I say “I’m headed out to do pregnancy photos in Eugene this evening!” Yet, every time I whip out the finished product she gets nostalgic and tells me, “Well, that’s not what I think of when I think of pregnancy photos!” Bringing new life into this world is a beautiful thing and that brief period at the very beginning of your baby’s life should be captured and preserved for you to look back on. Maternity photos are a reminder of that magical time!

I’m glad Rachelle booked me when she did, a happy healthy Kristen Mae showed up a *little* early – I guess she wanted to attend the baby shower! Congrats on the new addition Rachelle and Tyler, I can’t wait to meet her!

See the whole session here!

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