Trash the Dress Session at Priest Lake, Idaho

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I know I say it frequently, but I LOVE MY JOB! Earlier this year I grabbed a couple of my favorite assistants (Thanks Kaitlyn and Nick!) and trekked up to Priest Lake to help Melissa and Craig trash their wedding clothes. Earlier this year we met them at the same place for their wedding. It’s great that they love the lake so much that they had me up twice to capture their memories. Trash the Dress sessions are becoming more and more common as the cost of dresses becomes reasonable and as many mothers aren’t expecting their daughters to wear their dresses. No offense to my mother, but I am glad I wont be wearing her dress if I tie the knot.

Now on to the photos! You can’t tell, but it was cold and windy and it even rained on us a bit! nothing could dampen the mood though. enjoy this small sampling of photos and click here to see my couples session pricing.


LaDukePhoto.Com Trash The Dress-0791

LaDukePhoto.Com Trash The Dress-9543  LaDukePhoto.Com Trash The Dress-0879

LaDukePhoto.Com Trash The Dress-0885  LaDukePhoto.Com Trash The Dress-0952

LaDukePhoto.Com Trash The Dress-5870Cheers to many more good years!

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