Wedding Photos Before The Ceremony – The New Trend

As the “traditional” wedding approach has fallen to the wayside, an increasing number of brides are choosing to take their formal wedding photos on their wedding day, prior to the actual ceremony. There are many advantages to this newer trend and this article looks at some of the reasons how and why brides are making the choice (you can find the Pros and Cons of Pre-Ceremony Wedding Photos in my earlier article). As a Eugene, OR and Spokane, WA Wedding Photographer, my goal is to provide options and make sure that your special day is remembered exactly how you want it to be!

As society has shifted away from the traditional pre-marriage lifestyle to a more modern approach (extended engagements, living together prior to marriage, etc), so has the “traditional” wedding approach. Now, more than ever, couples are introducing innovative and unique concepts to their special day. Taking formal wedding photos prior to the ceremony is a request that I hear regularly. While some feel that it takes away from the “first look” that you remember from a bride walking down the aisle, there are ways to capture that “first look” in a more intimate and custom pre-ceremony setting.

When wedding photos are done prior to the ceremony I include a ‘first look’ or ‘unveiling’ session with my wedding photography packages. This session can be done with just the bride and groom or it can involve family and close friends as well. Generally, the groom will stand with his back to the bride as she walks into the room. Once the mood is set, and everything is in place, the groom will turn around for the desired ‘first look’ reaction. I will be there to capture that special moment before everyone is ushered out so the bride and groom can spend some alone time together. This is a benefit that you don’t have at the altar, allowing you both an intimate moment that you may not receive until long after the last champagne toast. You can hug, you can kiss, or you can exchange precious words with each other that will always be remembered. After the one-on-one time is complete, there will still be plenty of time to take the formal wedding photos before the ceremony.

Honestly, when all is said and done, the choice is yours on your wedding day; my goal is to capture your special moments so they can be shared and remembered for a lifetime. However, if you choose the traditional approach, remember to allow time for everything that you hope to accomplish and then some. This especially applies if you hope to do your photos between the ceremony and the reception at another location. Things get delayed and sometimes people aren’t where they’re supposed to be. If you’re prepared and if your photographer is prepared, your wedding day will be as magical as you’ve always dreamed.

Stay tuned for my next article! I’ll be highlighting Eugene, OR Engagement Photography Locations. I just finished a fantastic engagement photography session on the University of Oregon campus!