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 photography logo color on whiteAs a wedding photographer in the infinitely creative city of Eugene, Oregon I face many challenges, one of which is how to make myself stand out above the rest of the wonderful creative types that swarm around the Willamette Valley. I love being very hands on and creating relationships with my clients. Word of mouth and reviews are my greatest form of advertizing. I just love waking up to find a new review like the one below.

“We have had Lacey LaDuke do both our wedding and our maternity photos, and are now just counting the days until we can have her take newborn photos of our little guy when he comes. Lacey is very interactive and wonderful to work with. She’s got a priceless personality. She’s great company during the shoots, and still very professional. I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer to work with, and am excited to have her be the eyes behind our pictures.” – Noah Tinney

Noah and Jordan came to me VERY last minute for their wedding at Fern Ridge Reservoir and though things didn’t go exactly as planned (darn the wind and rain!) we still had a great time. What to do if it rains on your wedding day? Well, I’ll bring you an umbrella and we’ll get through it, but I also offer a free re-shoot of the formal portraits to make sure we get images that you will LOVE. I was so elated when Noah called me up after the wedding and told me it was time for maternity photos. We ran out ot Armitage Park and played around in the water and just had a great time. I can’t wait to meet baby Alexander when he arrives!

eugene wedding photographer review

eugene maternity photographer pregnancy babies reviews

Have you worked with me before? (This applies to you too parents, wedding party and wedding vendors!) Did you have a great time? Consider reviewing me on one of the following sites:

It is always appreciated! If you HAVEN’T worked with me I encourage you to check out those sites for my reviews or even read the testimonials right here on my website. If you’re a bride and you’d like to speak with any of my past couples let me know via my contact page, I have a whole bunch of lovely ladies who would love to speak with you and answer any questions you may have.


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Photography Discounts from Eugene to Spokane!

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, AND Happy Birthday to Me!

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It’s my birthday and I want to give YOU a present. Photography is my passion and I love helping people bring beautiful images into their lives. Creative family portraits, the kids at the park, high school seniors about to spread their wings and of course weddings. From quirky funny weddings right down to the most romantic moments of your wedding day. I want to capture every minute of it! Since I split my time between Eugene, Oregon and Spokane, WA these gift certificates apply to both locations and everywhere in between including Salem, Portland and The Tri-Cities.

For 50% OFF any of my available gift certificates visit this link and use the code “HAPPYBIRTHDAY” Please note that because of the nature of the product you will be contacted separately to provide payment via cash, check or credit card in person or over the phone.


Give me a call, wish me a happy birthday and place your order directly. (509)954-3885 or (541)954-2458
This offer is only good through Sunday evening on my Facebook Page, but I will extended it through the 22nd for my faithful blog readers. Just give me a ring or shoot me an email if you would like the extension!


Due to the nature of the product I cannot offer refunds. Purchased gift certificates do not apply to weddings that have already been booked.

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Rachelle’s Mirabeau Park Maternity Session

Maternity photography is a fun chance to capture a unique experience, but that hasn’t always been en vogue. I think there is only one photo of my mother pregnant with me and it’s at her baby shower. She thinks I’m crazy every time I say “I’m headed out to do pregnancy photos in Eugene this evening!” Yet, every time I whip out the finished product she gets nostalgic and tells me, “Well, that’s not what I think of when I think of pregnancy photos!” Bringing new life into this world is a beautiful thing and that brief period at the very beginning of your baby’s life should be captured and preserved for you to look back on. Maternity photos are a reminder of that magical time!

I’m glad Rachelle booked me when she did, a happy healthy Kristen Mae showed up a *little* early – I guess she wanted to attend the baby shower! Congrats on the new addition Rachelle and Tyler, I can’t wait to meet her!

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It’s Baby Season – Spokane Maternity Photos

Few things are more beautiful than bringing new life into the world. Lacey LaDuke Photography wants to help capture this special time in your life and preserve it for years to come. Maternity photos are a great way to share this special moment with friends, relatives and the new little one who is on the way.

maternity photos spokane

The Spokane area offers a multitude of beautiful backdrops for maternity photos, or if you’d prefer I can come to you and do the photos in the comfort of your own home.  If you prefer you can visit my home studio for a session as well. No matter which option you choose we will do a shoot that will create enduring images that will be treasured for a lifetime. Daddy and siblings are always welcome to be in the shoot as well. Consider it to be baby’s first family photo!

Don’t hesitate, pregnancy is a beautiful thing and between 7-8 months is the prime time to capture the essence of the new life inside of you! You’re glowingly beautiful and that baby bump is at it’s photogenic best.

Contact me for a free consultation today! I’ve got several package options and I would love to make a personalized quote for you.  If you’d like to see a list of my rates and other services you can find that here.