Questions for Interviewing a Wedding Photographer

Hello Brides and Grooms to be! Are you trying to choose the right wedding photographer for your totally awesome and unique wedding? There are a TON of wedding photographers out there so what I am aiming to do with this multi-part  post is help you determine if I am the right wedding photographer for your special day. There are a million different styles out there, hopefully you like what you’ve seen from LaDuke Photography! If that is the case, I’ve taken some time to answer some of the basic questions that every couple asks. I’ll tackle four introductory questions today and post a follow-up soon.

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Questions to Ask Wedding Photographers

1. What is your preferred style of photography?

I consider myself to be fairly traditional in the fact that I make sure to take timeless images that you will love for the decades to come. Sure, I get creative with some images, but the majority of what you get will have a quality that you will appreciate long after instagram filters are no longer cool. I split my interests between natural lighting and flash photography depending on the situation.

When you work with me you also get a good leader who is great at wrangling large groups, making fun creative poses and helping everyone relax in front of the camera. Once the formal photos are over I like to go into a photo-journalistic mode and meld into the background. You wont even know I’m there unless we are doing more poses photos.

2. How many weddings do you shoot per year?

With only 52 weekends in a year and even fewer in a regular wedding season (Eugene, OR has a wedding season from Memorial Day through Early October, Spokane’s wedding season is even shorter, not generally beginning until late June and ending in Mid September) I try to shoot between 15-25 weddings to offer my clients fast service and the best quality work I can produce. If I spent every weekend of every month shooting 4 weddings you wouldn’t get the hands on approach that I am known for. I like to visit with my clients, attend rehearsals and make myself available in any way I can. I also like to have my fun so I schedule time to go camping, rafting, scuba diving or rock climbing too!

3. How many weddings will you shoot on my wedding day? (If they say more than one ensure there is adequate time in between each wedding.)

Just one. Absolutely only one wedding per day. I try to stick to a policy of just one wedding per weekend, but there are times that I am able to make special exceptions since Friday and Sunday weddings are generally smaller and need less coverage. This is why it is important to book your photographer early, we are human and we haven’t figured out how to be in multiple places at once (Once I figure this out you’ll find my master clone on the beach).
If you find a photographer who offers to photograph multiple weddings in one day you are likely going to be working with someone who hires other photographers to work for them. Make sure that you are getting the photographer that YOU hired, not their “B” team. If you are okay with a company that does employ multiple photographers but you want to make sure you get a particular one make SURE that it is written into your contract.

4. Have you ever shot at my venue? Would you be willing to go do a site visit?

 You can see some of the great venues that I have been lucky enough to work at here. If you don’t see your venue in my galleries just ask, I may have worked there before and have some fun photos to share! Since I am based in Eugene and Spokane I know a lot of wonderful locations here, there and in between! If I haven’t had a chance to work at your venue yet then I definitely want to go walk through it with you and your coordinator. This will allow us to talk about where the best light will be, what will make a great backdrop and best of all you get to see the venue from my fresh and creative perspective!

Hopefully you’ve found this helpful, I’ve got a whole list of questions to answer for all of my future brides and grooms so make sure to pin this blog page so you can come back to it. I’d love to hear from you on what questions you think all couples will want to have answered as well!

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