Why You SHOULD Feed Your Photographer – A Slightly Biased Opinion

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This is in direct response to this post on PetaPixel and the original post that it references from Brides Magazine. If you haven’t seen these posts read before you continue. If you want a really really quick summation of it Brides Magazine doesn’t think you should feed your photographer. I wholeheartedly disagree. Check out the poll on the PetaPixel post, I’m not the only one.

Umm, ‘scuse me? Anyone who has seen me work a wedding knows that I EARN that meal. I’m not just standing around snapping a few candid pictures and flipping you a memory card at the end of the day.

Feed The Photographer

Wedding photography starts MONTHS before the wedding day with consults, estimates, contracts, engagement photos, wedding products etc. Follow up consults before the big day have to happen at least once, sometimes 2-3 times. Then I come to your rehearsal and help you make sure it goes off without a hitch. This is all before the wedding.

On the day of I show up, camera in hand and start work immediately. Not only am I taking photos but I am helping clients make decisions, I’m fielding questions left and right, making sure you are eating, hydrated and that Great Aunt Millie isn’t hovering over you stressing you out because she wishes you would have worn white instead of ivory. Hiding the bride from the groom, motivating the groomsmen to get ready, helping with finishing touches on decor. (I KNOW that more than one of you has seen me setting up chairs and tables, putting out flowers, organizing desert tables, directing traffic, etc.) This is all BEFORE the first look!

Feed Your Photographer

I realize that weddings are expensive and catering can cost an arm and a leg to get what you want, but please consider how hard your photographer is working for you. Feed us what you are eating. We really appreciate it. I may still be bitter about the warm egg salad sandwich and warm water that I was ordered to eat outside in August, but I remember the plates of BBQ, roast pork, even modest sandwich bars that I have been invited to share. I have clients who are so wonderful that they have invited me to sit at the head table with them and chat while we ate.

I could go on for another three paragraphs about the fact that I routinely travel 500+ miles for weddings. That coupled with the fact that the real work starts AFTER the wedding when I go home and immediately back up 6,000 photos, make copies and back them up again (Usually getting me to bed by 4am on wedding nights) – I then spend hours and hours and hours sorting, editing and going back to remove that stress zit from Every. Stinkin’. Photo.

I think by this time we are friends, treat me like one. I’ve already seen you in your underwear, climbed halfway under your dress to fix your bustle (Where the heck did your bridesmaids go!?) Consoled a crying drunk person that I’ve never met, hefted around 30lbs of camera gear all day and taught 8 grown men how to pin a boutonniere. I am a photographer, but I am also so much more.

Wedding ShotSki

If you beg and plead I will try your signature wedding shot – after I’m off the clock! (Huckleberry was so fitting for Priest Lake!)

I love my clients, you are wonderful, and save one instance you have all fed me. Pass this on to any misguided friends who take what wedding magazines say as the gospel. The “HAnger” (Hunger + Anger) is real. People perform so much better when they are satisfied and cared for.

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