Destination Photography – Taking The Photographer With You

The right photographer is like a good pair of pants. They perform exactly how you need them to, they fit and mold to your personality, and their quality is consistent and dependable. Like a good pair of pants, a good photographer is tried on beforehand, before your big wedding or before your extended family portrait session. I hear countless horror stories from clients who’ve hired a destination photographer at the last minute to only be disappointed with the final product… hundreds of dollars and countless missed memories later.

If you’re planning a destination wedding or event where your photographer is critical for preserving timeless memories, consider hiring a photographer at home and having them travel with you. This may sound like an expensive option at first, but many photographers are flexible and are eager to add a destination photography shoot to their portfolio. You may even find that the additional costs are still much cheaper than hiring a photographer at your destination.

Even though I’m based out of Spokane, WA (and the Pacific NorthWest), travel and destination photography have always represented some of the highlights in my portfolio. Some of my favorite locations have been: Lake Tahoe for family portraits, Oregon for weddings, and Utah for adventure photography. I always welcome the opportunity to travel and explore a new destination. This helps me to both expand my portfolio and also ensures that my clients receive the quality photography that they’re looking for.

Earlier this month I was asked to go to Lake Tahoe, California for a couple of family photo shoots and happily jumped at the chance to explore a new area and widen my client base. I had a blast shooting the portraits and getting out to explore the area. Below are some of the photography highlights from my 4th of July Lake Tahoe photo shoots!

Lake Tahoe Family Portrait Sessions:

The setting summer sun provided great lighting for these photos, taken off of Highway 267 near Truckee, CA. Aspen trees, wildflowers, and fallen tree trunks created a fantastic backdrop.


Kings Beach July 4, 2011 Fireworks:

Kings Beach, CA had an amazing turnout for the 4th of July fireworks this year! The beach and the lake were packed full of spectators enjoying the festivities and explosive display. You can see more Kings Beach fireworks photos here.