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Where to Register for your Wedding O

Today I had a bride ask me a question that I haven’t given much thought to, “Where should we register for our wedding?” After a little bit of thought I made a list of places that couples may register for their wedding at traditionally. Nordstrom, Macy’s, Target, maybe even Cabella’s or REI, right? As a wedding photographer it’s not usually at the front of my mind.

Then I got to thinking, what if you could register for ANYTHING you wanted without sending an annoying list that reads like this, “We are registered at Shopko, Kmart, 7-11, H&M, Steinmart, Home Depot and Toys ‘r’ Us.” and then I had a moment of inspiration! Amazon.com has a Wedding Registry! And if I’ve learned anything about amazon in the not so distant past it is that you can find nearly anything on there AND add products from sites that are not listed on Amazon such as Etsy stores. They even have a “Top 100” and check lists to make sure you aren’t forgetting anything if you are combining your households for the first time. How GENIUS! Why not make it easy on yourself and your guests, they can just log on, order and have it shipped to them or directly to you. Long story short, you CAN register everywhere thanks to the internet!

This is definitely a tip I will be passing on, from Amazon gift cards to Zumba on DVD they’ve got you covered.

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