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Whipping down a sweet line, or pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion on the asphalt of the Centennial Trail, no one but a biker understands what motivates our desires to pedal until we come home feeling like we can't take another step.

Let someone who understands what drives you capture the moments that mean the most to you, whether it be finally nailing that backflip at Beacon Hill or hitting a ladder drop at Blackrock or Post Canyon, I will be as enthusiastic about capturing you as you will be about smashing your goals.

If you've got a line, drop, jump, race or whatever in mind contact me for my rates so we can get out and take some shots of you tearing it up.

I travel extensively to bike so don't hesitate to ask when I'll be on Porcupine Ridge or hitting the slick rock in Moab or meandering my way down the Umpqua Trail in Southern Oregon, If the trail is clear I'll be on it.
Dread & Terror - N. Umpqua TrailRushmore - Beacon HillTrail 257LCHSTrail 257 - North IdahoPost Canyon - Hood River, ORPost Canyon - Hood River, ORSkye - Beacon HillTower MountainPost Canyon - Hood River, ORParis Gore - Beacon Hill