As an avid climber I know the feeling you get when you stand at the base of a cliff, the sweat on your palms, reaching for the chalk before you've even got your shoes on, the feeling of anticipation, the rituals, the excitement with each send.

From the granite boulders of Bishop to the beautiful sandstone towers of the Utah desert, I love to travel to climb and shoot. Red Rock, NV and Moab, UT are my homes away from home. So near or far, bouldering Leavenworth or trad climbing Joshua Tree don't hesitate to ask where the wind has taken me this month, there's a good chance I'll be climbing in your backyard sometime soon.

Invite me out with you to capture you onsighting, redpointing and sending the projects that keep calling you back. We'll have a blast and you'll have awesome photos so you can try to make your co-workers understand why you come to work with bloody knuckles and sore muscles every Monday morning. Climb on!
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