University of Oregon Elopement - Schnitzer Art Museum in the Fall - Eugene, Oregon

May 17, 2021

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The Jordan Schnitzer Art Museum on the University of Oregon Campus made for a beautiful backdrop for C & D's fall elopement. Weddings don't have to be a huge event with lots of people and expensive stressful decisions to make. These two lovely people decided all they needed were each other (and their adorable kiddo who was a real trooper despite having a tummy ache). My 2nd shooter and I had a wonderful time capturing this quick intimate wedding and can't wait for our next elopement!

Eugene Oregon Elopement (1)Eugene Oregon Elopement (3)
Eugene Oregon Elopement (4)University of Oregon Wedding (1)University of Oregon Elopement (9)University of Oregon Elopement (8)University of Oregon Elopement (10)

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