Did you get engaged this holiday season? LaDuke Photography wants to help you plan!

January 01, 2022

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Congratulations to all of the lovely people who popped the question, or eagerly responded, "YES!" this holiday season. I am so excited for all of you! As a wedding photographer here in Oregon (and traveling to Spokane monthly) I have a great grasp on what needs to happen next. I'm going to share a few links that you should save for your planning process.


First things first, you're going to need to pick a wedding date. Saturdays are far and away the most popular date, but did you know that if you get married on an 'off' day you can save up to HALF on things like a venue, photography, DJs, hair and make up - pretty much anything that isn't a physical good like food or cake.  This is because vendors want to fill up the free days on their calendar.

Once you have a date and a venue it's time to get busy. The next two things you need are a photographer to get the ball rolling on engagement photos, save the dates and planning for an awesome wedding! The other optional and highly recommended vendor that I recommend is a wedding planner. If you can afford it, do it! Here in Eugene I recommend Kandice at Green Eyed Girl Productions. Let them know Lacey sent you!

When it comes to choosing your photographer I hope you will give me a chance to grab a coffee and chat with you face to face. Choosing a wedding photographer that you really 'click' with should be a priority. Your wedding is important and we spend the whole day with you. Read more about choosing the photographer for you here.

You may want to check out my Engagement Photo Gallery. Here you can decide if you want to hire me for Engagement Photos al a carte or if you want to tie them into your wedding package.

If you want the best deal you'll head over to my Wedding Photography Page. Here you will find a portfolio of my favorite images, my packages, and my pricing for summer Saturday weddings. If you are getting married November - May or on a day other than Saturday don't forget to ask about my off season discounts.

While we're at it, how about you get to know me a little better. I'm on several social media platforms that I update regularly.

I'd love to make some new friends and help make your wedding magical in the process!


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